Marvin Gibson

Marvin Gibson - Motivational Speaker

Marvin Gibson is a sought-after urban defense speaker who fully understands the power of story to motivate, inspire, and educate women to stand and be brave.

Marvin is considered a subject matter expert by combining his training and deployment experience, with the knowledge of real-life situations and his attention to situational awareness. He delivers a need to know presentations for conferences, and women events, that has been reviewed with high honors.

As the Founder of Bond With A Vet Inc, he is experienced and has trained and lead hundreds of soldiers in combat defense situations.

Speaking Topics

What to do when out shopping

Tactics on how to deal with situations as they appear. Knowing who, what, and when are the three keys of defense. Have a plan, never let your emotions force you to react. Be brave and save a life.

Domestic Violence Awareness

Your family safety is all that should matter! What are your escape routes, have you talked to your kids about the exit plan?

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