Become a protector of the community

Join us in the fight against crime against women and children. Together, we can create a safe environment for our women and kids to live a life of peace. Learn about how you can get involved.


Join in the fight to teach and spread the word about safety to all incoming and outgoing female students.

Make sure you provide the proper training to ensure the parents a peace of mind knowing their kids have been trained to defend and protect themselves if needed.


Together we can share and teach the women of your congregation the proper techniques and training for safety.

Knowing how to spot a threat is a crucial skill that will ensure the safety of the church home.


Promote your company’s commitment to compassion while working to ensure that women have the proper training to defend themselves.

Active shooter, domestic violence, and workforce crimes are all things we will educate and train your female employees.


We all can’t be on the ground and in the field doing the work of the community, but you can take one day out of your busy week to join us with one of the many events.

Your participation will give you the training and understanding to speak to others about the importance of women's safety.


Use your creativity and passion to take an active role by fundraising for an issue you care about.​

We are excited to help you get involved with Bond With a Vet!

Complete the form for more information on how we can help.


Have you ever wanted to be a part of helping the community and didn’t know precisely how to go about doing it? Well, look no further! With the SECURE A HOME PROGRAM, you have the option to step in and help women secure their homes.



You will sign someone up that you feel needs an in-home safety consult. It can be your mother, sister, aunts, or daughters anybody that you feel the need for our free service.

Our goal is to take care of all our single mothers, elderly women, and women with disabilities.


Next, we will schedule a time and day to meet you at the location listed in the email for a security consultation. We will then check all doors, windows, front, and backyards for safety exposure.

After the consult, we will put a plan in place that fits the need of that particular location.


After the consult is complete, our team will provide all equipment needed, including the installation free of charge from the donations we receive from the community. This will include things like doorbell cameras, window alarms, yard cameras, and door brackets, and braces. Our program is entirely free and will give you the peace of being safe. Somethings money can’t buy, and peace of mind is one.


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