Protect Yourself & Your Family

Urban Conflict Training & Readiness Taught by Military Vets

Bond With A Vet is a non-profit organization dedicated to making women and children safe in a world full of dangers. We inform, engage, and show new audiences how to take actions and rise against being the victim.

Helping women understand the importance of their safety.

The connection is the key to our training. Making women emotionally and mentally aware of life’s threats and crimes gives them a better chance of not becoming a victim. We design training programs that enable women to embody confidence and bravery when it comes to protecting themselves and kids.

Why You Should Attend the (Woman Be Brave Seminar)

Be Aware

Being aware is one of the essential steps for safety. You have to know your surroundings and when a threat presents itself.


Knowing when to react is a crucial factor. Our seminars will teach you how to respond and when to react. The right timing could be a lifesaver.


Standing your ground should be your only option. You will receive training on how to stand up and handle certain situations when duty calls. Your fight or flight tactics are controlled by muscle memory, and knowing what to do while keeping a clear head is vital.

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